Illuminator360™ - Ultra-Bright Universal LED Lamp
Illuminator360™ - Ultra-Bright Universal LED Lamp
Illuminator360™ - Ultra-Bright Universal LED Lamp

Illuminator360™ - Ultra-Bright Universal LED Lamp

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Why Do I Need This?

Poor lighting is unsafe, yet extremely common! Garages, workshops, warehouses, and basements are the types of places where it’s most important to have proper illumination. Unfortunately, these areas usually tend to suffer from inadequate lighting. Poor lighting makes it difficult to find things, slows down work, and causes accidents. Spending long periods under bad lighting can even lead to headaches, strained eyes, and pain due to poor posture.

Illuminator360™ is the easiest and most effective way to significantly improve your lighting. It boasts 3 ultra-bright LED arrays to instantly flood any space with brilliant white light. It can easily be installed in seconds into any existing standard light bulb socket. Additionally, it's super efficient, which saves you money on energy costs while being friendly to the environment.

How To Install/Use

Easy installation. No tools needed!

  1. Screw Illuminator360™ firmly into any standard E26/E27 light bulb socket
  2. Adjust LED position (if needed)
  3. Turn light switch on/off to operate, just like any standard light bulb

Why Illuminator360™?

Illuminator360™ produces a massive 6000 lumens of light output, which is over 380% brighter than a typical 60W bulb. Just as importantly, its 3 adjustable LED arrays are extremely effective at directing light to provide maximum lighting coverage. Illuminator360™'s 4500K color temperature is perfectly balanced for optimal lighting performance, with no harsh blue or dull yellow tint. This results in exceptionally bright white light that fully illuminates every corner of the surrounding area. A single Illuminator360™ can light up an entire garage or basement from an existing lamp socket, completely eliminating the need to install or turn on other light fixtures nearby. Try Illuminator360™ and experience the night and day difference in lighting quality and brightness!

90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can contact our helpful customer support team to get a replacement or refund.

Illuminator360 Product Packaging

What Others Say About Illuminator360™

"No more yellow light! I can see things in my garage that I never could before, like down in the engine compartment of my car. If you like to work in the garage these will brighten your day more than any other lights available. I've tried them all and these are by far the best. Awesome product."
- Keith G.

"We bought one and put it in the basement. Holy smokes they are bright! Ordered 4 more the very same day we put it in! Incredible amount of light coming out of this little lamp and I definitely recommend it to anybody who needs more lighting!"
- Mary B.

"I had a bank of 4 lights in the garage that stopped working. To fix it would have required replacing the entire fixture. There were 3 other fixtures in the garage, but they just couldn't generate the light I needed. 3 car garage. I purchased 2 of these Illuminator360 lights and I was totally blown away. I deactivated the other light fixtures and use these two only. It's like daylight in the garage."
- Jim R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens is it rated at?
6000 lumens. Over 380% brighter than a typical bulb.

How long does it last?
Illuminator360™ is rated for a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, providing reliable light output for years.

What is the color temperature?
4500K (white light). A well balanced color temperature that is not harsh like blue-tinted light, while providing superior lighting performance compared to yellow-tinted light.

What's the energy usage?
Illuminator360™ draws only 60W - about the same as a typical incandescent light bulb.

Can it be used outdoors?
We do not recommend using it in wet outdoor settings, as the lamp is not waterproof. Take care to only use this in dry environments to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

Where can I buy it?
We sell Illuminator360™ exclusively through this secure website - our product is not available in stores. All orders come with FREE shipping, and we deliver to all 50 US States!

What voltage does it use? Can it be used in my country/region?
Illuminator360™ is multi-volt and is compatible for all 110/120V & 220/240V regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia.

Does it come in BC 22mm format/bayonet fitting?
No, only Edison screw type E26/E27 is available, however an adapter can easily be purchased at hardware stores.

Customer Reviews

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